Video Production for Internal and External Communications

Story of Corporate Video:

In the decades of 80 and 90s, the use of video was broadly acknowledged as the most competent approach for training purposes. It is interesting, productive, and needs little effort from the viewer. After that most of the firms started the digital platform to reach their audience. This fresh technology emphasized on having a website to connect the perfect audience. That made the videotapes old fashioned.

Corporate Video Production At present:

Nowadays, with the changing trends and the extensive uptake of broadband, advanced encoding, and data compression has revolutionized the video and now it can be delivered at the highest quality to a large number of viewers at an efficient cost. In the present time, the video does not mean a black plastic tape – now the video is merged with digital media and it can be addressed in many ways, such as CD-ROM, DVD, Web streaming, Video-mail, Retail TV, Billboards, and more.

So how do you approach Commission Company Video, Film or DVD for Your Business?

Let us suppose your corporate video production project includes both video production and graphical content. It is very much essential to discuss your needs in detail with the production company. Every company has its unique meticulousness that you cannot express in words, such as work culture, working environment, and more. So try to build compatibility with your preferred company. A corporate video is a labor-intensive approach and you need to work collectively to get the maximum benefit of your investment.

Before you meet the production company, think about the following questions:

What is the goal of your project?

I mean you should know about the purpose of your project whether you want to sell your product, promote your service, inform your staff, change the mind of the people, or create brand awareness.

Who Is Your Target Audience?

It is one of the most important things that you must know about. Knowing your target audiences will help you to take a step forward to fulfill the purpose of the video. You should know about them – Are they your customers or staff?

Secondly, you should know who they are? For example, what is the level of their understanding and what motivates them? To sum up, we can say that you and your production company both should have the same understanding of your targeted audiences.

How Long Should the curriculum be?

Generally, customers demand a 15-20 minute video for corporate use. However, it is an extra-long duration for a corporate video. Have you notice about TV programs, most of them last around 23-25 minutes. Now, think about the advertising part in between the TV programs, they deliver a huge amount of information within 30 seconds of duration.

People watch TV programs for entertainment purposes but remember nobody watches commercial videos for entertainment. Following are some of the ideal duration for different types of video:

• For an informative video, its duration should be 10 to 12 minutes max.
• On the other hand, if you want to produce a promotion video, its duration should not be more than 5 minutes.

Do you have any pictures in your mind?

When it comes to the style and sense of the video there can be two things possible, either you have an idea or you don’t.

• If you don’t – It helps the production company to work freely on their imaginations to stand out at your expectations.
• If you don’t – It is also a good part, as you can let them know about the meticulousness of your project.

What is the deadline or timescale of your project?

It is very much necessary to inform the production company about your timescale. Ensure that the production company knows when do you need the project and if you need copies for any purpose, as production companies need almost 2 weeks to do all such types of things.


When it comes to corporate video, every single thing matters from script to the quality of the video. At ADI, you can contact us for effective corporate video production for internal and external communications.

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