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We drive innovation to simplify and automate entire work process while tumbling financial burden. We adopt to best of industries’ standards and latest technologies to work efficiently to our talent-oriented strategies, training and resource policies that provides us a succinct competitive advantage.

Enterprise Applications on Cloud Computing

Desktop and Cloud Computing Enabled

Custom made cloud computing applications for Software as a Service (SaaS) on Microsoft (AZURE), Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud End-to-End well supported for JAVA technologies Stack and Microsoft technologies Stack. Enterprise applications in a 24X7 real-time environment that can be accessed from anywhere anytime basis to convert capital cost (CAPEX) into the operational cost (OPEX). No need for any special software.

We offer

Mobile Content Management
Mobile Security Management
Mobile Policy Management
Cloud-based deployments
Optimized User Productivity
Mobile Remote Monitoring and Provisioning

MEAN Stack - Web-Based Applications

Mongo.DB ( NoSQL) database, Express.js, Angular.js, Node.js, supporting programs written in JavaScript, for both server-side and client-side execution environments. Next Generation WEB presence of your business with razor sharp response time. Migration Services of your legacy websites and applications on this technologies.

We offer

Content management system
Web maintenance
E-business solutions
Mean.IO (MongoDB, Express, Angularjs Node.js)
Server side programming languages
Client side programming languages

Testing, Migration & Maintenance

High-end testing service for your legacy enterprise applications through automated testing tools on most economical and affordable propositions. Migration from existing prevailing technologies framework to latest updated technologies front end and backend along with seamless integration with ERP. CRM, Sales Force automation business solutions. Maintenance of your existing Web sites, Web portal, and applications with well-trained resources to supervise and maintain the same to give 99.9% uptime.

We offer

Full-Cycle Testing
Project Rescue
Support and Enhancement

Business Intelligence


Realize the true value of data integration and business analytics! Although big data looks great on paper, obtaining and grouping the data into manageable and meaningful information is difficult. The sources are ubiquitous: Journals, clinical trials results, drug information, social media opinion, web browsing history, blogs, sales figures, and demographics-the list of sources is far reaching.

We offer

Big Data
Data Mining and Analytic Service
Custom Intelligence Reports
Bibliographical & Literature Searches


Why ADI Backoffice is perfect for your project

With effective product innovation, a prerequisite to today’s business world, we help you establish a unique selling proposition (USP) for your product/service. Our creativity exhibited assures positioning you as a strong force in the competitive market.

Cross-functional Teams

We work with different teams with different functional expertise to accomplish project deliveries.

Cost and Quality

We knuckle down for best project life cycle performance while maintain an endurable expenditure.

System Analysis and Design

We comprehend well your existing system and provide customized solutions as per requirement.

Turnkey projects

Tell us you concerns and relax back for our bespoke solutions to design and develop product for you.

Customized solutions

Every provided solution is tailored made to fit into your needs.

Secure and Confidential

With us forget about the bootlegging, we keep your product, idea, and solution private and secure.

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