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ADI Group is an Information and Communication Services company with the capabilities across, data science, writing, animation and IT. Information and Communication being the most critical function of every company, ADI has full-stack expertise to tackle slice or complete project. ADI has an excellent track record of Customer Delight, Organizational Values, Integrity, Reliability, and Quest for Excellence.









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Creative Service & Animation

The continued demand in Creative & Animation is exciting as well as challenging for companies providing these services. Agencies struggle to find white-label providers that can adapt their unique style, manage quick deliveries and keeps the consistent quality. ADI since its inception, mastered a process-centric approach in production; it takes a collaborative approach; a passionate team our customers cherish to work with.

Writing &

The growth of digital media and content marketing continues at 2-digit CAGR. ADI started its writing group with a focus on data-driven content creation. Our approach in writing is of data interpretation which came as a natural progression from our domain expertise in data analytics. ADI has built its in-house training program to reinforce our writer’s ability to produce documents with 4Cs i.e. Clear, Concise, Consistent and Complete.

Training &

The industry has seen an influx of eLearning in the last decade. From primary education to Grad school and professional training to internal training, eLearning is taking its place rapidly. Creators of eLearning videos take care of skill gap analysis, create compelling content combined with engaging creative work, that ensures the best outcome from the audience. ADI’s cross-functional team and communication expert’s work together to produce affordable eLearning solutions tailored for its audience.

Pharmaceutical, Biotech & CRO

Medical Affairs in the healthcare sector works with partner companies for their information reports, data management, Bio-IT, scientific/medical writing, animated training videos, and patient education videos. However, they seldom find a reliable partner that has deep domain expertise in the subject and is a one-stop-shop for all their needs. ADI is the one.


Digital Marketing Agencies face challenges in maintaining broad skillset as well as rapidly changing technology in their business. This adversely impacts growth, business risks, and profits. ADI offers its cross-functional capability across content writing, animation and IT on flexible terms. Our business model is designed to support our agency customers aiming at high growth & increased profit margins at minimal risk.


The growing demand in Web & Cloud application is now leaning towards MEAN Stack as a preferred technology. MEAN, includes Mongo.DB ( NoSQL) database, Express.js, Angular.js, Node.js, are based on open source Java technology for server-side and client-side execution environments. ADI specializes in technology migration and application projects and has a team of developers across MEAN, HTML5, and C#.


Interactive training is a technology-driven e-Learning that allows the audience to identify their skill gap and chose the direction of their learning. ADI’s competitive advantage includes in-house training designers working closely with technology experts and the creative team. ADI has developed an interactive application for government-funded educational projects and is foreseeing significant growth in this vertical.


Information companies require a blend of vast data research, analytical skill & data interpretation, combined with advance technology e.g. data science and big data. Information companies struggle to optimize their internal resources on core function by engaging a partner company for human intense work. ADI has over 20 years of experience in this space and had helped many information products/companies from inception to acquisition.


AR/VR being a combination of design and technology requires a cross-functional team of 3D Designers and software programmers working together. ADI not only has the team of 3D experts and programmers but also has creative and communication experts to develop an application which helps the audience visualize.

Application of our Solution

Animation for Marketing

Our all-star team of designers provides an ultimate engaging visual experience leading to the perfect display of the product to the clients in an ROI oriented demeanor.


Our highly proficient writers create and oversee the full range of technical documentation varying from highly complex to the beautifully simple content with supremacy.


Our technically efficient team cater you with collaborative pedagogical experience integrated seamlessly with versatile animations to track performance with analytics.

Animation for Training

Our designers create animations to provide you a collaborative experience of the right content and digital visualization to create optimized working memory for the learner.

Article/ Whitepaper

By pairing appropriate writing with accurate data and analytical documentation ADI provides you with the impeccable data-driven content to develop refined engagement with the reader.

Medical/ Scientific Writing

We have provided the facts driven writing to the medical personnel’s which paved the way in divulging the key concepts of the science to its bottom line.

Application Development

ADI has kept pace with the booming IT industry by providing incredibly lucrative marketing channels for businesses with easy access to the information and ultimate success for the businesses.

Technology Migration

With the rampant growth in technologies, ADI has always maintained its pace like by adapting MEAN Stack and specializing in technology migration and application projects.

Data Research & Analytics

Key to any content is the factual and equitable data and its accurate analysis which provides the reader with the unbiased material. And that is by grace is ADI’s forte for more than two decades.

Employee Communication

Our cross-functional creative team understand and consolidate complex technical information and make it accessible to the employees in the form of explainer videos.

Our Testimonials

“Thanks, Expert! You did a great job. Your animation script was amazing. I got the appreciation just because of your animation. I would like to recommend this agency for the best animation service.”
Marc Uza
“They produced data-driven content for our storyboard. They are commendable for their timeline and prices. I suggest you try as well.”
Eliza Beth


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